Echoes-Port. Copyright John Howe 2005 El Castillo de Tyntagyl: Hace mucho y ahora

föstudagur, mars 02, 2007

Hace mucho y ahora

All the trees were whispering to each other, passing news and plots along in an unintelligible language and the branches swayed and groped without any wind. It is said that the trees actually move and that there are strange and mystical things living deep in the forest.

The old wizard begins to chant lifting his hands. Green mist erups from his fingers, drifting, swirling, slowly rising upwards. Echoes from all directions drift past, the enchanted spells of the wizard resound through the forest.

Somewhere, somehow, sometime ago my friend, you had wings to fly and in your noble Dracoform ruled paramount the sky. Five thousand years and some ago the dragons lived, for it is so written in the books of lore in a time long gone before.

Stars glitter over their shadowed forms as the dragons soar into the heavens, Children of Earth on their backs. Jewels shine in their eyes, stars which kept them company as they searched the world for her, now they fly as one.
Sir Gawain. Relatos tomados de


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