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þriðjudagur, apríl 29, 2008


Swa cwæð snottor on mode,
So spake the wise man in his mind,
gesæt him sundor æt rune.
where he sat apart in counsel.
Til biþ se þe his treowe gehealdeþ,
Good is he who keeps his faith,
ne sceal næfre his torn to rycene
And a warrior must never speak
beorn of his breostum acyþan,
his grief of his breast too quickly,
nemþe he ær þa bote cunne,
unless he already knows the remedy -
eorl mid elne gefremman.
a hero must act with courage.
Wel bið þam þe him are seceð,
It is better for the one that seeks mercy,
frofre to Fæder on heofonum,
consolation from the father in the heavens,
þær us eal seo fæstnung stondeð.
where, for us, all permanence rests.

Fragmento de "The wanderer", poema anglosajón del Siglo X D.C.

Sir Gawain


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